About us

Clarence Digital is based in Leeds & London, serving ambitious companies in the UK, Dubai and the Gulf. We work with established businesses, SMEs & start-ups to leverage the power of Search & Digital Marketing giving you a competitive advantage online. This is how we do it.

Helping you Grow.

We work with companies of various sizes and industries and understand the challenges that businesses face, not only Marketing challenges but the full spectrum of running a business. As a Startup, an SME or even an established business your ambitions are big but your resources are limited. That's where we come in to provide you with sophisticated digital marketing services that meet your business objectives and help you grow. When we assess your digital strategy or devise an online Marketing campaign our thought process will be fully aligned to your business objectives taking into account your business and product life cycles, and the landscape that you are competing in. We call this our integrated approach.

Marketing Digitally but Strategically.

Call us old fashioned but we believe in having a strategic marketing plan that encompasses both the digital space as well as offline. Strategic marketing is about understanding your customers (segmentation), reaching them (targeting) and reinforcing your brand firmly and creating loyalty (positioning). We are big believers in applying these marketing principles to the digital space. Our campaigns are more successful and produce better results because we take a holistic look at the entire marketing mix when devising the right strategy for you. We call this our convergent approach.

Speaking your Language.

We don’t like using Jargon. And when we have to use technical terms we'll explain to you what they mean. There’s nothing more frustrating than paying for a service and still feeling that you have not fully understood what you are paying. We go out of our way to make sure you understand what it is we are doing, why we are doing it and how you can measure our success. In fact yourself and your team are an integral part of our plan. We call this our inclusive approach.

Creative Storytelling.

Financial advantage and larger budgets are not the only reasons why multinational companies have an advantage over smaller organisations. Great ideas that touch the hearts and minds of their audiences, ideas that make a brand memorable and create loyalty are extremely powerful tools. When you work with Clarence Digital you will have on your side an extremely talented team that will offer you Great ideas. We will tell your story with brilliance. In the World of Digital Marketing they say that content is King and Context is Queen. What underlines both is sheer creativity and an unforgettable brand story. We call this our Creative Storytelling approach.

Data-Driven Strategies.

The ability to analyse data insights and visitor behaviour on your website and mobile application is possibly the most powerful feature offered by digital marketing tools. Our Analytics experts use the full power of Data Tools and various Measuring Models to help you make informed decisions that will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Data insights help us answer questions like: "What will work better, a Facebook Clicks campaign or a Followers campaign? Which pages receive the highest number of visits on your website and why? Which social media channels bring the highest number of traffic? Visitors from which channels are most likely to convert?" - The scale and depth of our Analytics will not only provide you with visibility but the ability to make strategic decisions. We call this our data-driven approach.

Delivering Competitive Advantage.

By aligning your business objectives with our integrated, convergent, inclusive, creative storytelling and data-driven approaches we build a holistic Digital Marketing strategy that is as unique as your company. And this is exactly what makes our approach a success. It’s simply perfectly in harmony and shaped by your business priorities and your Brand. This approach means that Clarence Digital is not your service provider, but instead your partner. Your internal Marketing department that is as keen as you are to make every campaign, every click and every scroll a success.

UK, Dubai & the Gulf.

Our clients are British companies focused solely on the UK market as well as companies based in Dubai and other gulf states namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and KSA. Our international experience allows us to help you think locally but also take into consideration the opportunities that can arise internationally. We are proud to have provided digital marketing services to some of the most pioneering and innovative Startups in both the UK and Dubai and look forward to making your project a success.