Customised Data and Reports

Understand your data even further. We can create custom reports and highlight truly valuable insights directly suited to your business goals. In turn, improve your SEO and extend your user base.

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With successful digital marketing being so reliant on volumes of in-­depth data, it is now more vital than ever to extract hard­-working website stats. Meaningful data is invaluable - why not make that data even more meaningful by aligning it directly to your business objectives. We can create 

customised reports that produce a wealth of data to suit your needs. 


Defining your traffic more specifically gains insight into the effectiveness of your SEO. We will set up custom reports in user­-friendly, easy-­to-­understand formats enabling you to better understand your traffic and eliminate barriers to conversion. Customised data that leads you to actionable insight for your business. 


Gain Control With Bespoke Reporting

Through your key performance indicators (KPIs), together we can create detailed custom reports that meet your objectives and tell a captivating story about your business. Some example reports… 


  • Customer Behaviour Report 

Distinguish differences between users - you can compare new and returning visitors and identify differences in overall traffic, conversion patterns and event completion. 


  • Advanced Segments Report  

Rather than just gaining insight by new visitors or returning visitors, create advanced segments specific to your goals. We can filter traffic by specific criteria, such as visitors that  come from a specific geographical location or visitors of a specific page.  


  • Hours and Days Reports 

Useful for highlighting the most efficient time to post on your blog or website, this report looks at which hours of the day and days of the week your site receives its most visitors.  


  • Mobile Performance Reports 

Understand if your mobile site is well-­optimised and where you could make improvements to improve its mobile­friendliness. 


  • Referring Sites Report 

You can understand where your traffic is coming from but is it valuable traffic? We can identify referrals against goal completions and conversion rates so you understand which channels are more successful for your business. 


Data can be overwhelming. We can make sense of that. Through customisation of reports, we can improve the quality of your insights, align them to your business goals so that your marketing decisions are conscious, informed actions rather than a gulp and a wave in the dark. 


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