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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a constant process -­ through continuous analysis and testing, there is endless possibility for improvement and increased conversion.

Developing CRO Strategy


For ensured site performance, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) should be ongoing, continuously highlighting issues or pain points to be improved. But, there’s no best practice guidelines to follow and no quick-­wins. CRO solutions involve continuous analysis and testing to benchmark performance against business goals.  


Our conversion optimisation services follow the Clarence Digital CRO process. Against your business objectives, we tirelessly analyse and implement testing of hypotheses that prove to increase your revenue and website conversion. 


Implementing Our CRO Process



We immerse ourselves in your current CRO set-­up. For effective optimisation, the correct tools must be in place. The right analytics tracking and reporting mechanisms are vital ­we need strong data and measurement ability for decisive, accurate testing.  


We review your main site conversion goals, how these goals are achieved through your site and what your key metrics are. We can then understand the measure of testing success.  



For a consistent and reliable level of measurement, we combine three fundamental components: 


  • Analytics ­ ​

Direct insight on site performance with the ability to segment your users and identify pain points. 


  • Surveys ​ ­

Critical user insight that gives us direct answers on areas for improvement.  


  • User Testing ​ ­

Controlled insight directly influenced by your user. 


This gives us a benchmark of your site performance ­ we can measure whenever it’s required; daily (web metrics), monthly (surveys) and quarterly (user testing). 




Focusing on your goals and measurement metrics, we identify problematic areas, investigate using analytics, surveys and user testing, and devise constructive tests. Informed hypotheses allow us to implement effective tests.  




Now we have the hypotheses, where to start? 


  • Prioritisation ​ ­

Key to our strategy. We look at where the problem area is along the user’s conversion journey to understand revenue potential. We then prioritise by potential positive or negative changes to your revenue.  


For example, a drop in bounce rate on a landing page after the customer has signed up, but before they make a purchase. This area may have more effect on revenue than the final purchase area so it’s a better place to start.  


  • Planning​  ­

We focus our critical eyes on the detail. Tests must be set up correctly ­deferring from the original goal means results become skewed and effectively useless. 




Using learnings from the Analysis stage and identified metrics from the Measure stage, we implement A/B testing and Multivariate testing. Our research at the Analysis stage means we test against your goals for effective CRO testing solutions. 


Testing is a continual process ­ a positive outcome doesn’t necessarily mean the end. We refine our testing until we get maximum results.  


And Again… 

We persist in measuring, analysing, implementing and testing​ - website conversion optimisation is ongoing. We continue to work with you to sustain a process of continual improvement that ensures maximum site performance.  


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