Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising allows you to be precise in targeting specific audiences with display ads. Connecting your brand to the right customer at the right time means they’re more likely to convert.

Programmatic Advertising that Converts


Programmatic advertising or programmatic media buying is a highly sophisticated form of digital display advertising. It’s an automated process - it means you rely on algorithms rather than human error, applying efficiencies to the media buying process. Display advertising in a programmatic world means you can place ads on relevant sites of interest to customers - you target specific audiences far more likely to purchase. 


Using 1st and 3rd party data, we can match your customer’s demographics and buying behaviour with relevant, targeted ads. Real-­time media buying then allows us to display these ads to this customer at the height of their intent - wherever they may be online and on whatever device.    


This is hugely beneficial because… 

  • You generate a higher click­-through rate with more personalised messaging. 
  • You gain relevant brand exposure that leads to sales. 
  • You capture your customer at their point of intent meaning they’re more likely to convert.  
  • You create cost-­effective campaigns that lead to ROI. 


Real-TIme Bidding (RTB) 

Through RTB technologies, you are given access to ad inventory (or ad space) across vast web, mobile, social and video reaches. Through ad exchanges and a real-­time auction pricing mechanism, you can instantaneously bid on targeted ad inventory in a cost­effective way - all in just 100 milliseconds, the time it takes for a webpage to load. 

No longer do you need to waste valuable advertising budget on a segment of customers who aren’t going to engage with your brand or product. Your programmatic spend can be managed in real­-time so you can be more cost-­effective and reactive in an ever­-changing market. 


Our Programmatic Buying Approach


  • Research and Strategy 

Immersing ourselves in your business goals, target market and other marketing activity enables us to develop the most effective campaigns for you.  


  • Data-­driven 

We learn from data ­- over time we will optimise and improve the performance of your campaign. Learning from and testing ad placement, bidding, device type and audience data. 


  • Building the campaign   

We use demand side platforms (DSPs) to ensure we bid on the right ad impressions. With unique customer segments, we will build your campaign and run across your relevant channels - ­web, mobile, social and video. 


  • Real-­Time Bidding 

With bidding strategies, we target specific demographics and behavioural groups based on your business goals.


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