Email Campaign Reporting

One of the most measurable marketing channels, email reporting can inform your future campaigns. From open rates to in-­depth segment reports, ensure your email advertising gains high effectiveness.

Email Metrics For Actionable Outcomes 


Understanding your audience is the most important data to inform and improve future direct marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a marketer’s dream - there are so many metrics to track direct from the content you produce. Meaning that an in-­depth understanding of your audience is more than attainable. 


Focus on your customers and, in turn, focus on your marketing strategy. Gaining insight into which of your subscribers are engaging, which emails they open and what content they like means you can better understand your email campaigns - and ultimately better prioritise your time amongst other marketing channels. 


Tracking for Success

We can assist you in understanding your key email metrics and devise an email marketing plan to reach your customers in the most successful way. Defining your key metrics... 


  • Open rates

Understand the scale of your campaigns with the number of subscribers who have opened them. 


  • Click­-through rates​  ​

Identify if they’re engaging with how many links users click once they have opened your campaigns.    


  • Unsubscribe rates.

A key influencer on your open rate, understand how many people click ‘unsubscribe’ on your campaigns.  


  • Email conversions​

Whether your end goal is to influence people to sign-­up to your products, recognise how many subscribers are converting through your email campaigns.  


Custom-made Reports to Inform Strategy

We go way beyond just click rates - understanding why these metrics might be changing is key to improving your email campaigns. We can provide in­-depth reports and highlight insight into how your subscribers interact with your content. Our expertise includes...  


  • List and Segments Reports 

Identify how customer segments engage differently with your campaigns and highlight which campaigns are the most effective with your key subscriber groups. 


  • Link Activity Reports 

See how your subscribers are interacting and engaging with your campaign. Understanding where your audience is clicking, especially if there are multiple links, can help you improve email design and structure. 


  • Opens and Clicks Over Time Reports 

Factor in geographical and behavioural data into your email reporting and understand when and where your subscribers and engaging from, enabling you to send more relevant, timely content. 


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