Local Keyword Research

Taking your business overseas calls for effective international SEO campaigns. Local SEO needs expertise in cultural diversity and linguistics for high­-quality keyword research.

Keyword Research, Going Global


The digital world offers no geographical boundaries - but with global expansion comes linguistic barriers. Effective international SEO needs a thorough understanding of your target market’s language, culture and values.  


Simply translating your keyword research from English campaigns misses language nuances, in­-country search behaviour and local dialect. Keyword analysis for international SEO should always be performed by native speaking linguists who take cultural diversity into account. 


Experts for International SEO 

If your business is looking to expand overseas - whether in Europe, the US or further afield - our SEO expertise includes international SEO marketing. Our team of experts encompasses in­-house native speaking linguists, meaning we have expertise in understanding the language of a global target market.   


We have experience translating websites into French for North African markets and Arabic for the Dubai market - there’s no geographical barrier to your search marketing campaigns or keyword analysis.  


To ensure your business meets a global audience, our international keyword analysis includes… 


  • Target Market Research 

Our insight begins with your new audience - we review different countries’ search and content-consumption behaviours. Also key is ensuring your international SEO campaigns are targeting the right local search engines - it’s not all about Google, you know.


  • Local Competitor Analysis 

We review your online competitors in your new target regions as well as the size of the market.     

  • Local Search Volumes 

Understanding search volumes highlights the scope of your local search visibility. 


  • Local Keyword Strategy 

We define a targeted set of keywords in the local language, Including negative and long-tail keywords.  


Optimising your site with specific local keyword research means you can increase your local search visibility, reaching the right audience in their cultural context. Effective localised SEO campaigns will ensure you succeed in new global markets. 


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