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Paid search marketing puts your business directly in the path of searching consumers. Our Pay Per Click campaigns allow you to control your budget and earn sales that give you the highest ROI.

Drive Sales with Paid Search Advertising


Paid search is one of the quickest and most controllable forms of online marketing. Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns can instantly generate traffic - ­within moments of opening a Google Adwords account, you can implement a campaign and immediately generate sales. 


Pay per click advertising offers your business: 


  • Speed and Flexibility 

You have the ability to set up PPC ads and publish campaigns instantly - unlike organic SEO, you can drive targeted traffic to your site with immediate gain. Effective for short­-term goals, like timed promotions. 


  • Control  

Adjust to changing market behaviour within hours - rather than days like traditional advertising channels. Targeted keywords and optimised ad copy mean you implement the right message and change it as you need to. 


  • Measurability 

Just as they can be instantly implemented, PPC ads are instantly measurable. You can test specific keywords for their return rate and decisively improve cost per acquisitions by testing campaigns. 


  • Cost-­Effective 

You can generate traffic for niche keywords specific to your business. These keywords are generally cheaper meaning you see a higher ROI for a fraction of the cost. 


However, quality scores, ad extensions and multiple search engine platforms, also make PPC advertising one of the most complex.    


We can make sense of these complexities, take control of your campaigns and increase click-­through rates and conversions - leading to increased ROI, lead generation and brand awareness.  



Effective PPC Management

We offer full PPC management of your Adwords campaigns. Not just Adwords management though, our PPC expertise also extends across a range of major platforms - Bing, Google Display Network (GDN) and Yahoo. We work with you to define the right strategy and deliver the best campaigns for your business goals.    


Our paid search services include... 


  • Strategy 

Your PPC manager will undertake extensive research into your industry, focusing on the keywords that matter to you and your users. A bespoke PPC strategy ensures we drive relevant traffic and generate a positive ROI.  


  • Account Set Up 

Based on your unique PPC strategy, we build your PPC campaigns using a tight, focused ad group structure, with relevant keywords, that improves your ad quality score and leads to higher conversion. 


  • Optimisation   

The important part - once set up, we will arduously work on your campaigns every day, refining as we go, to improve cost per clicks and click­-through rates​ - from testing ad copy to analysing keyword performance to bid management. 


  • Reporting 

As ever, data is key in PPC marketing. We will produce weekly and monthly PPC reports based on our feedback and your data to continually improve your PPC campaigns. 


  • Transparent Data 

You will always have access to your account and your data - it’s your budget so you need to see where it’s going. 


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