Keyword Research

SEO keyword analysis can uncover the crucial phrases that will help your customers find you online. Speak the same language as your users - use keyword research and generate traffic to your site.

Keyword Analysis Targets User Intent


Every day, billions of searches are conducted on Google. Customers are looking for your products or services - SEO keyword research means you can be there at their highest point of intent. Know what they’re searching for and show them exactly what they want. With keyword analysis, we expose the crucial phrases that mean your business is found online through search. Keyword research is the foundation to SEO strategy.  


The Value of Keyword Research 

  • Understand your customers and know what’s important to them. 
  • Find the relevant keywords which generate the most sales and leads that convert.   
  • Identify niche phrases for high keyword ranking and drive traffic. 
  • Gain advantage over competitors with keyword research that highlights what they’re ranking for.  


Popular Vs Long Tail Keywords 

A customer searches for ‘sofas’ ­- the likelihood is they’re at the very start of their purchasing journey. This is a ‘popular’ search term ­- generalised and very broad. Although they make up around 30% of users’ searches, competition for this search term is high. You’re less likely to rank highly and your customer is even less likely to make a purchase at this stage.  


Now when the customer searches for ‘green suede 3 seater sofa’, you know their cash is practically in their hand. The higher the customer intent, the more likely they’ll convert. And that’s where long tail keywords come in. Although search volumes may be smaller, long tail keywords convert - they’re a more effective communication with your customer who’s actively looking for what you provide.  


Our Keyword Research Services

Using keyword research tools, our process begins with the focus on lead generation. Starting with all potentially relevant keyword phrases, we refine until we have a set of unique targeted keywords that give you more understanding of your customers.   


  • Your Target Audience. ​

They’re the end goal so we look at their characteristics and behaviour to understand what attracts their attention.  


  • Long Tail Keywords. ​

We identify the lower search volume phrases with high capacity to convert.  


  • Relevance. ​

If you don’t sell green suede sofas, why rank for it. We only consider highly relevant search terms that have meaning with your customers.  


  • User Location. ​

We only look at the users in relevant locations to your product or service. If you don’t sell to the sunnier climes of Hawaii, there’s no point ranking to its users.  


  • Local SEO Keyword Research. ​

Users in your area have an even higher intent. We take consideration of this and ensure you rank highly for Local SEO search terms. 


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