Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos present your story to your audience in a fast, engaging and imaginative way. An accessible form of content marketing, our videos will build trust and drive results.

Explainer Videos Gain Attention 


Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos - it’s no longer a format of online content marketing to ignore. Video content marketing can help you tell your brand story in an engaging and enticing way. Animated explainer videos -­ basically, entertaining video that explains your product or service ­- capture the attention of your audience. 


Whether your metric for success is increased sales, improved conversion or brand awareness, our explainer videos are built to meet your business goals and deliver measurable results. We can tell stories, educate customers, build their trust and humanise your brand.  


Create Engaging Video Content

We can work with you to create a memorable explainer video that forms part of your social media marketing strategy. Although we don’t have an internal studio, we are heavily involved in the process - from drafting the script to the editing stage. Working with highly creative teams, we can save you time and resources creating you a captivating video that drives results. 


The Process


  • Script 

Before we get going on the exciting part, we need you to fill in a questionnaire that helps us establish your goals before we write the script. 


  • Storyboard 

The blueprint of the video ­- this is like our bible. Here we can draft graphics and script and show it all laid out together. We work with you, get your feedback and make any amends. 


  • Design 

Once we’ve got the outline of the whole video laid out, we show you the look and feel of the video so we make sure we’re telling a story in line with your brand. 


  • Voiceover  

Based on your approval of an appropriate narrator, we send them the script and get recording. 


  • Production 

The fun bit. We get our creative juices flowing and put your video into production - ­the bit that blends all the elements, motion design, sound design and music, together.   


  • File Delivery 

We hand your video over to you and you see your business come to life! 


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