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Video advertising is a powerful tool to connect with your audience in today’s saturated market. Engaging, shareable, impactful and informative ­- it’s online video content that’s king.

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The growth of video is staggering ­- 1 in 3 Brits now view at least one online video a week. That’s an audience of more than 20 million people in the UK alone - every week. This rapid growth in video content consumption isn’t hard to understand.    


In a saturated market, video content can be fast, engaging, relevant, and let’s not forget, viral. Customers choose to consume and if they like it, they share it. Whether it’s a promotional corporate video or a short, engaging advert to promote on social media, video advertising has a vast potential reach. 


Video content marketing means… 


  • You can ​ engage​  emotionally with your audience 
  • You can​  inform ​ about your product or service in an inspiring way 
  • You can ​ humanise ​ your brand and connect with people 


The Right Video Content

Your audience is at the heart of engaging web videos ­- video content should be relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach. From quick how­-to videos to commercial ads, we have experience working with small, independent studios to create something your customers want to see.  


With their highly creative minds and our expertise in launching and promoting memorable content, we ensure our video production is executed with finesse and promoted with precision. From live action to motion graphics, we work with your business objectives to create the most influential video for you.  


Video Production that Inspires

Combined with our video marketing strategy, from first steps to final goals, we ensure our videos drive brand awareness, generate sales and drive traffic to your site.  


Our process...  


  • Campaign Planning 

Successful video content marketing requires effective video strategy. We combine your business goals with audience insight and build a campaign from brainstorming to launch and outreach. 


  • Creative 

Effective storytelling with heart is our motto when it comes to creative. Working with small, independent studios, we create video content to inspire. Building in your feedback, we work collaboratively for an end product you and your audience will be happy with. 


  • Production 

Through filming, video editing and motion graphics, we produce high­-quality content that propels your brand story or message forward. Depending where you want to target your audience, we produce for your website, YouTube, desktop or mobile. 


  • Promotion 

It doesn’t end with a great film. You need to reach the right people on the right platform.  We launch your video content and promote the campaign with bought, earned and viral seeding. From YouTube advertising to Facebook promoted content, we deliver your message where you want it to be seen. 


  • Analyse 

A campaign is only successful through its data. We can track view data, posts, tweets and social mentions and ensure your video is working in the way it should do.  


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