Ruby on Rails Development

Access the speed, flexibility and agility of Ruby on Rails web frameworks. Particularly suited to startups, our Ruby developers use this programming language for rapid web development.

RoR for Startups

If you’re running a small organisation or startup, it’s likely that resources are tight and time is of the essence. Therefore, your startup website needs to rely on a programming language that meets these stringent requirements.   


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a web framework that is commonly used for new startups because of its fast implementation, agility and scalability. The decision on which development tool you use should be based on which is most flexible to allow you to meet your business goals ­- and Ruby is best placed to do that.  


The Flexibility of Ruby Programming

One of the key principles of RoR is ‘convention over configuration’. This means that your Ruby developer can quickly set up development; they don’t have to spend time configuring files for setup as Rails comes with a set of conventions already. 


Ruby is also set up for agile web development. It has a fast iterative development method, meaning it can be collaborative and flexible when it comes to meeting your requirements. Whether they’re fast­-changing or ever­evolving, RoR is particularly well suited to this cost-­effective way of working. 


Why We Use Ruby?


Our Ruby developers enthusiastically advocate Ruby programming for its capability for rapid development of dynamic web applications. But why should you use it? 


  • Speed

It’s much faster and more productive than building using other frameworks. Because of its open source nature and its pre-­set configurations, Ruby developers can get to work fast. 


  • Testing

Any bugs or issues in code are quickly picked up because strong automated testing is an integral part of RoR framework. Unlike other developer communities, the Ruby community places strong emphasis on writing tests for code. This means any potential loss of revenue for your business through bugs can be eliminated immediately. 


  • RESTful Architecture


The Ruby framework has an emphasis on RESTful application design - REST (Representational State Transfer). Simply put, this means your web application can communicate with the external world in a way that is cost­-effective and fast - maybe your business’ mobile app needs to pull data from your website -­ Ruby allows you to do this. 


  • Open source

Unlike other commercial development frameworks, there are no licensing costs as the open source format allows you to access Ruby libraries for free.  


  • Security

The Rails team continuously implement new security patches and features to keep your web application safe - including older versions.  


  • Community

The Rails community is huge - ­far larger than other frameworks like Django. This enables faster troubleshooting of any bugs or issues that may arise.   


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